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From May 1st until June 30th ECC will be crowdfunding through TLC Monadnock to raise funds for the purchase of a dump trailer.

Here at Elm City Compost, we are so thankful be a part of a sustainably minded community that sees the importance and necessity of initiatives like ours. We started this adventure during the summer of 2018 and have had many successes but we are still very much a start-up and are asking for community support to grow our infrastructure, which in turn will grow our customer base and create a more sustainable city.

ECC is in desperate need of a dump trailer, our current trailer was built by our lovely owner Albert, and has served us well but with the growth we are seeing it won’t be able to accommodate the food waste we need it to. The purchase of a dump trailer will significantly improve the infrastructure of our business, it will increase the speed and efficiency of our services, allow us to accommodate more customers, and divert even more waste from the landfill. With your help we can keep our services affordable, accessible, and competitive across the market.

The purchase of a dump trailer not only benefits ECC but our entire community. Waste has been one of the easiest to ignore issues we face. However, New Hampshire will run out of landfill space within the next decade, causing rent increases, larger waste bills, and money that could be staying in our community leaving. And when organic waste is put in a landfill it produces methane, the most potent greenhouse gas.

Gaining this infrastructure within our community gives us the opportunity to reduce those greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, rebuild soil, expand green jobs in the region, strengthen our community, and give our community the choice of what happens with their waste.

So, we at Elm City Compost are asking for your help, all of our amazing community, in raising $10,000 for the growth of this purpose driven, locally owned company.

Our Campaign Story

Thank You to the Local Businesses Offering Rewards:

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