Area of Service

Keene, NH

(Events in the Monadnock region) 


714 470 8801 (Kira)

413 406 6466 (Albert)


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Kira Wadsworth

Albert Diemand

Mark Wadsworth


Pick up on Tuesday and Friday (depending on location)

Drop off Saturday 10 am-2 pm

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The Mission

Elm City Compost Initiative is a grassroots food waste collection company dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to "waste" in the Monadnock region. 

In the beginning...

Elm City Compost Initiative began as a thought that evolved into reality.  When Kira Wadsworth started working for the Sustainability and Social Justice Committee at Antioch University New England as a graduate student, she soon realized the unmet need for industrial composting that could handle compostable plastics.  Since many facilities and policies keep Keene from having the appropriate facility, she decided it was necessary to create a pick up system to allow community members to be able to compost. This is especially important for those living in apartments and small homes, where yard composting is not possible. Her husband, Mark Wadsworth, joined Kira and adds his artistic sense to the company. 

Almost simultaneously, Albert Diemand was feeling the same unmet need in the Keene Community and was in the works to develop the same business. Having worked with community & school garden projects in Idaho and Colorado they have had the urge to promote local and sustainable initiatives. Albert has been looking into compost initiatives ever since he ran into his first composting toilet and really considered how we all deal with waste in the modern world.  

Because Keene is a small community with tight networks, Kira, Mark and Albert were soon introduced and decided to work cooperatively to bring this service to the Keene Community

What can I compost?

  • All food scraps

  • Dairy products

  • Cooking oils & fats

  • Cooked or raw meat 

  • Fish

  • Used tissues & paper towels

  • Soiled cardboard 

  • Bones

  • Waxed paper/cardboard 

  • Paper plates and cups

  • Non plastic egg containers

  • Sugar and flour bags (without plastic liners)

  • Certified BPI compostable plastics

  • Small wood products

  • Paper take out containers and pizza boxes

  • Weeds and garden debris

What is not compostable?

  • Non-compostable plastic

  • Metal or aluminum

  • Styrofoam 

  • Chemicals 

  • Glass 

  • Large wood products

  • Paint 

  • Non organic material

Why we should compost