Our Mission

Bring affordable & sustainable food waste collection to residents & businesses in Keene while educating the community on sustainable waste practices. 

What can be composted?

  • All Food Waste

    • Vegetable & fruit scraps

    • Meat and dairy 

    • Bones & oil

  • Paper Products

    • Napkins & plates​

    • Wax paper containers

    • Coffee cups

    • Cardboard 

  • Compostable Plastics

    • Compostable liners​

    • Compostable cold cups

    • Compostable coffee lids

    • (Read the container! if its from a local restaurant there is a chance it is plant based plastic)

  • Wood & plant waste

    • Small wood stir sticks & chop sticks

    • Flowers or plants

  • Pet & yard waste

    • Cat litter

    • Dog bags

    • Leaf litter & grass clippings (No pesticides!)

  • Other

    • 100% Natural cotton, rubber, or latex

    • Bamboo products

    • If it was once a plant or animal, there is a good chance it can be composted!

Vegetable Picking


Reduce Landfill Use

Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

Rebuild Healthy Soil

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Windham Solid Waste Management District 

Windham Solid Waste Management District is the location of our industrial composting site where all the magic happens. They have helped us get our footing in the world of organic recycling and are diligent in diverting food waste within their community.

Stonewall Farm

Stonewall farm is the location of our new office space as well as our wash station and storage space. They are a multi-purpose farm and education center promoting more sustainable agriculture. 


Hannah Grimes Center

Hannah Grimes helped get Elm City Compost Initiative on the map. They offer an abundance of small business training and counseling as well as business start up programs. They have been a great resource and supporter of ECCI from the beginning and we highly recommend for any new businesses. 

Monadnock Food Co-op

The Monadnock Food Co-op is an accessible, community-owned food market in the heart of Downtown Keene. With their help we were able to create a drop-off program that has helped expand our customer base significantly. 


Meet The Team


Albert Diemand


Albert Diemand founded ECCI in 2018 along with Kira Wadsworth to bring compost collection to the region. He first fell in love with composting after learning about composting toilets and then really digging into the crazy concept of waste in our world.

Alumni of AmeriCorps NCCC and University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Sara Olson

Media & Marketing Manager

Sara is our Media and Marketing Manager and has been with us since Summer 2020. She brings an incredible passion for sustainability, creativity, and activism. 

Alumni of Keene State College

Board Member of 350NH Action

Alex Loves Compost.jpg

Alex Lacy

Organic Waste Hauler

Alex started with us in June of 2021! She currently lives In Gilsum and is passionate about closing the loop to our waste stream! She is especially excited to be working with us to help get our community closer to that goal. She has worked as the Compost Coordinator for Antioch University for the past three years, has apprenticed on an off-grid homestead, and has taught and volunteered in many environmental educational settings around New England.