Remote Drop-Off

Updated: Jul 4

Elm City Compost Initiative is in the process of rolling out a new drop-off system. It is our hope that this new drop-off system is not only easier, but also more accessible for our customers!

How Does it Work?

  • Each site will have a few 64 gallon totters with locks, customers will be given the codes.

  • Open the totter and dump your food waste into the bin

  • Close and lock up the totter

Other differences?

  • ECCI will not be swapping out buckets for these drop- off sites

  • ECCI will not be able to provide compostable liners for this service

  • Bins will be accessible almost 24/7! (depending on their location)

But don't worry! We will still be at the Co-op for the first month of this transition. Please email any questions to

Thank you!

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