Affordable Food Waste Collection 

What we do

Elm City Compost Initiative is proud to bring the first residential compost pick up service to Keene! 


In this crazy world it's easy to throw everything in the trash, despite the harm that can have on our earth. That is why we at the Elm City Compost Initiative want to bring food and organic waste collection to Keene NH. 

As of now, we have diverted over 160,000 pounds of food/organic waste from the landfill! With your help we can stop throwing away even more of our food waste, and instead start rebuilding our soils!


There are a couple of ways that Elm City Compost can help you or your business. 


Residential Pick Up

Elm City Compost can pick up food & organic waste directly from your home!



Pick Up

Elm City Compost can collect food waste from businessses and resteraunts in Keene for an affordable rate. 


Zero Waste Events

Elm City Compost can turn any event into a zero waste event by collecting all your food waste and recycling

Food Waste Facts

If food waste was a country, it would be the 3rd largest greenhouse gas emitter. 

Composting your food waste is another step we can all take to keep fighting climate change. 

Food & organic waste makes up the largest percentage of what gets thrown into landfills.

To reduce the amount of good organic material being waste require active waste diversion from all of us.  

Over 30 million tons of food waste is generated in America Alone.

Turning waste into compost is one of the most efficient ways to deal with such a large volume, Much better than burning or burying. 

An average american will throw away around a pound of food a day. 

While reducing the amount of food we waste is essential, some waste is unavoidable. But diverting food waste into compost can help grow more food in our region!